We offer the following commodities:

  • Alfalfa Hay
  • Sudan Hay
  • Sudan Straw
  • Bermuda Hay
  • Bermuda Straw
  • Klein Grass
  • 3-way mix
  • Beardless Wheat Hay
  • Rye Grass


We offer numerous ways of packaging and can do just about any combination to suit your needs.

We offer the following:

  • Small 3-tie Bales
  • Large 3 x 4 Big Bales
  • 400 kg sleeve bales
  • Pressed Bales
  • Half Cut Pressed Bales
  • Wrapped Bales
  • Half Cut and wrapped Bales


We have a fleet of trucks to meet your needs in a timely manner. Our trucks are all environmentally friendly Peterbuilt clean diesel semi-trucks that comply with the nations and California standards.